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Bring the whole family to enjoy decades of golden oldies at Marshall High School Statesmen Choir’s spring show, “Marshall Rewind: Songs Through the Decades.” The show, featuring music from the 1920s to the present day, takes place on June 1 & 2 at Marshall High School in Falls Church.

The musical revue will showcase the talent of Marshall’s four choir ensembles and two acapella groups with songs that everyone knows and loves ranging from big band classics by Frank Sinatra to soulful hits by Aretha Franklin to 80s chart toppers by Billy Joel and Cindy Lauper to current day ballads by John Mayer.

“The Marshall Choir spring show is always a feast for the eyes and ears,” said choir director Kelli Pierson, “not only is there amazing vocal diversity among our students but the costumes and the sets create a festive and interactive mood. We welcome music lovers of all ages to celebrate with us.”

The show will be performed in Marshall High School’s auditorium, 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043, on Thursday, June 1 & Friday, June 2 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the box office and are $5.00 for children 10 and under, $7.00 for students and seniors, and $10.00 for adults.  Teachers can attend for FREE.

Visit our promotional video:  “Song’s Through the Decades”

Congratulations!  Statesmen Choir’s 2017-2018

 Statesmen Choirs 2017-2018

This only applies to upcoming 9th grade WOMEN or any NEW 10th-12th graders who want to be considered for Women’s Chamber, Women’s Camerata or Statesmen Singers (men and women).

GCM Arrow SeparatorAugust 30, 2016:

REQUIRED: All parents must complete the following GCM Choir 2016-2017 Information Form before September 12th.  You can find the link here.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Choral Boosters, please fill out the following Google form ASAP.  You can find the link here.

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Marshall Choir Ensembles 2016-17


Statesmen Singers


  • Amelia Lindsey (S1)
  • Grace Smith (S1)
  • Sarah Koo (S1)
  • Vanessa Estaniel (S2)
  • Satori Greene (S2)
  • Emeliene Walker (S2)
  • Molly McQueen (S2)


  • Holly Waters (A1)
  • Sonali Doshi (A1)
  • Emma Ward (A1)
  • Tulsi Mehta (A2)
  • Sloane Kelly (A2)
  • Alex Stenseth (A2)
  • Meghan Ward (A2)


  • Sam Bock (T1)
  • Luke Hemmingson (T1)
  • Adi Wineland (T1)
  • Noah Motz (T2)
  • Rich Collie (T2)
  • Cagan Goldstein (T2)
  • Joon Jung (T2/B1)


  • Filipe Mourao (B1)
  • Stephen Underwood (B1)
  • Rohit Pillai (B1)
  • Aiden Jones (B2)
  • Arthur E (B2)
  • Jackson Gurdak (B2)


Soprano 1

  • Giuliana Tosi
  • Audrey Fauvel
  • Shreya Jain
  • Morgan Smith
  • Cam Beraud
  • Reva Bansal
  • Parita Shan
  • Sophia Williams

Soprano 2

  • Abby Greene
  • Risa Tanji
  • Lydia Colwell
  • Meg Butterworth
  • Claudia Drake
  • Andrea Guzman-Kern
  • Courtney Johnson
  • Emma Flye
  • Anna Fuller

Alto 1

  • Emma Knoke
  • Ro O’Dowd
  • Linat Westreich
  • Nicole Escobar
  • Claire Cwalina
  • Tenzin Gonshar
  • Katelyn Giuseppe
  • Jenny Stegman
  • Nina Payandeh

Alto 2

  • Sharon Plata
  • Anita Nariman
  • Valerie Villarreal
  • Beza Gashe
  • Victoria Windt
  • Cailey Dorman
  • Laura Goldberg
  • Caroline Warren
  • Sophia Pierce
  • Issy Hindley






Marshall A Cappella Groups 2016-17


All Female Group

  • Vanessa Estaniel
  • Sarah Koo
  • Emeline Walker
  • Elise Ebert
  • Jessica Lengyel
  • Samantha Feldman
  • Jennie Lee
  • Torianne Hommer
  • Rachel Lipetz
  • Audrey Fauvel
  • Sharon Plata
  • Jacqueline Jewsbury
  • Grace Schmorrow
  • Gabriella Marchetti
  • Alex Stenseth
  • Sophia Pierce
  • Emma Ward
  • Emily Suguru
  • Itzel Trejo
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Eliza Roth
  • Madeline Humphreys
  • Caroline Warren
  • Nina Payandeh
  • Maheen Saeed

Co-Ed Mixed Group

  • Amelia Lindsey
  • Emma Flye
  • Abby Greene
  • Andrea Guzman-Kern
  • Camille Beraud
  • Nica Albertson
  • Linat Westreich
  • Laura Goldberg
  • Valerie Villarreal
  • Meghan Ward
  • Olivia Towers
  • Jenny Stegman
  • Adi Wineland
  • Sam Bock
  • Iman Amin
  • Delfin Lagman
  • Rohit Pillai
  • Will Hemmingson
  • Stephen Underwood
  • Cagan Goldstein
  • Filipe Mourao
  • Ben Kronzer
  • Kevin Cadle